The Secret Upside of Acne

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If you battled acne growing up, you probably never thought you’d one day find a silver lining to zits. Well good news, Past You. A recent study found that if you suffered from acne in the past, you may be rewarded with protection against aging later in life.

According to lead author of the study, Dr Simone Ribero, researchers have known this for a while “For many years dermatologists have identified that the skin of acne sufferers appears to age more slowly than in those who have not experienced any acne in their lifetime. Whilst this has been observed in clinical settings, the cause of this was previously unclear.”

Now, the cause is clear: it comes down to your telomeres, repetitive nucleotide sequences found at the end of chromosomes that break down and shrink as cells age. Previous research has linked telomere length with biological ageing. “Our findings suggest that the cause could be linked to the length of telomeres which appears to be different in acne sufferers and means their cells may be protected against ageing,” Dr. Ribero went on to explain.

No, it probably won’t make up for all the zit cream and Stridex pads of your youth…but it’s something. (And in the meantime, there’s always microdermabrasion to treat acne scarring and minimize signs of aging all in one shot.)

4 Health Benefits of Massages

health benefits of massage

Need an excuse to book a massage? We’ve got you covered:

1. Massages improve sleep.

Tossing and turning? Book a massage appointment for better sleep. Research shows that regular massage can improve sleep quality and reduce sleep disturbances in the middle of the night.


2. Massage lowers blood pressure.

Treating pre-hypertension with massage? Some research suggests it works. One study found that Swedish massage correlated with lower blood pressure in women with pre-hypertension. 


3. Massage improves circulation.

According to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, massage therapy improves general blood flow, improves vascular function even in people who don’t exercise, and alleviates muscle soreness after exercise. Translation? That spin class earned you a Swedish massage. 


4. Massage relieves headaches.

Before you reach for the Tylenol (again), try a massage. The American Massage Therapy Association recommends it for those suffering from tension headaches. Research shows massage can decrease perceived pain, decrease tension, and reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of tension headaches.

Ready for your hour of bliss? Book a massage at Elan Salon & Spa!

5 Ways to Transform Your Skin While You Sleep

They don’t call it beauty rest for nothin’. While you’re dreaming about being BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence, your skin is hard at work. It does most of the heavy lifting on its own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help it along. Get the most of your snooze time and wake up glowing with these tips:


Clean up

As you sleep, new skin cells make their way to the surface of your skin—but only if you do your part. Scrub away dead skin cells before bed with a hydrating cleanser. Can’t make it all the way to the bathroom sink for some reason (*cough* too much wine at happy hour *cough*)? Keep makeup wipes on your nightstand for a quickie cleanup.



No, we’re not recommending that you wake up every hour to down a glass of water—but you can keep your skin hydrated all night long. Keep a humidifier near your bed to wake up dewy and fresh-faced. You’ll notice a difference...especially in the winter months, when your heater leaves skin feeling parched.


Hit snooze

Your skin creates new collagen and gets a blood flow boost while you sleep—so don’t cut your snooze time short. Try to get at least seven hours a night to reap all the benefits of the skin’s nighttime repair process.


Add a pillow

Prone to puffy eyes in the morning? Before you pile on the concealer, try piling on the pillows. Elevating your head a bit more while you sleep can help reduce swelling come morning.


Bust out the heavy duty products

You’ve got your cleanser-toner-moisturizer-primer routine down in the AM, but what about nighttime? Products like dark spot correctors and ingredients like retinoids don’t play well with sunlight, so you’ll get the best benefits if you put them on right before bed. Sweet dreams!

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