One of the most relaxing and therapeutic of all spa treatments is a facial. A facial is a fast and easy way to de-stress and improve the look and feel of your skin. Your face is one of the first things that people see. Unfortunately, there are many internal and environmental factors that can negatively impact the skin on your face. A facial in Brooklyn will remove the dirt and dead skin and rejuvenate your face so it feels and looks amazing.

How a Facial Helps Your Skin

Your face takes a beating from the outside weather conditions. Hot sun, wind, pollution and smog can all take its toll on your face, which is almost always exposed to the environment. In addition, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and stress can also add to a dull and sallow appearance. You need help from a high quality facial in Brooklyn.

One of the first steps in a facial is to gently wash the face and perform exfoliation. Exfoliation is typically accomplished using a product such as a sugar scrub or dermabrasion exfoliating cream. This process removes dead skin cells and resurfaces the skin so it will more readily accept products such as moisturizers.

Anti-aging treatments are often used during a facial. The application of these during a facial in Brooklyn will improve the texture of your skin and provide much needed moisture. It also firms the skin so you will gain a more youthful appearance.

The skin on your face may become dry and dull very easily. A facial in Brooklyn will rejuvenate your face and give it a nice glow. A facial massage will stimulate the blood flow to your face and help your skin perform at its best.  

Most of all, a facial is one of the most relaxing experiences you can imagine. A professional will gently pamper your skin while you sit back and relax. You will soon lose the stress and cares of the day as you are treated like royalty.

Facial Options

We offer a variety of different facials to meet your needs. Our Age Summum facial includes a special anti-aging treatment that helps regenerate skin cells and firms the skin while restoring radiance. Exfoliating cream is used to resurface the skin and remove dead skin cells. Then vitamin C anti-aging serum is applied. A pro-collagen mask is used to restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

Our essential facial uses high quality Guionot treatments including products that will gently cleanse tone and exfoliate the skin. Products use natural ingredients such as rosewater, almond extract, fruit extract, lavender and menthol. We also offer our Guinot aromatic facial, deep cleaning facial, hydra peeling, traditional and express hydraclean and men’s facial.

You will meet with our specialist to evaluate your skin and provide you with options that are best for the results that you prefer. Our facials are performed by trained experts and last up to an hour, depending on the type of facial that you choose. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online.